What we do

The HBR real estate crowdfunding community is built on these core values:

  • Integrity
  • Sustainability
  • Transparency
  • Quality.

As such, we pride ourselves in a management style that integrates environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) factors into our property investment platform.

Our business model is based on the proven methods of real estate crowdfunding, which began sweeping other parts of the world early this decade. However, it is modified to comply with UAE laws, and to conform to ethical property investment standards in the region.

In the Middle East frontier, HBR builds a proactive, viable, and trust-based relationship between the project operators and the investors. This is by working closely with government agencies in order to establish ESG policies and investment-protection protocols. Simultaneously, we collaborate with IT experts to ensure that the HBR portal delivers uncompromised, uninterrupted, and optimum services to all accredited users.

Our work primarily involves:

  • Screening and selecting property development and/or management companies
  • Underwriting and vetting properties for the HBR portfolio
  • Accrediting investors and advising them on their funding decisions
  • Securing the HBR portal
  • Making the system responsive to the UAE market
  • Publishing periodic reports on HBR operations and accomplishments
  • Contributing resources to the property industry in the Middle East
  • Developing best practices in the field of real estate crowdfunding
  • Setting an outstanding example to emerging markets.