Terms of Service

Updated 01 May 2014.

Welcome to the Humming Crowd Realty’s technology-powered platform, www.HBR.ae (“Portal”), the pioneering real estate crowdfunding site in the greater Middle East and North Africa (or MENA) growth corridor!

By accessing, viewing, browsing through, registering in, and/or participating in any activity within our Portal, you (“User”) accept and agree with all provisions of the terms of service (“ToS”) set forth below:

Service Overview

Our Portal is engaged in real estate crowdfunding, which pools the financial support of individuals or organizations from countries where it is legal to participate. It operates under the laws of the United Arab Emirates, complies with Islamic and Shari’ah-based financing and investment principles, and abides by applicable international conventions and ethical standards.

User Eligibility

The Portal is intended for Users who are legally allowed, in age or by other determinants, to access, view, browse through, register in, and/or participate in any activity within the Portal.

Users mean either natural persons (individuals) or legal persons (duly incorporated or legally registered organizations). For due-diligence purposes, Portal administrators may require legal persons to submit verifiable proofs of incorporation and/or other pertinent declarations.


Registration is required of Users who wish to participate in the Portal’s real estate crowdfunding activities, including those that do not necessarily translate to the immediate selection of investment opportunities and placement of deposits. Users outside of the UAE agree to furnish the Portal with the legal investment-related documents that their respective countries of citizenship require them to provide.

Portal Access and Profile Security

The registration process culminates with the Portal creating a unique account to the Userproviding a unique password to the User. The password is to be used in navigating through registration-accessed portions of the Portal, encoding and changing details in the User profile, and encoding personal information necessary in initiating and completing financial transactions.

Users are advised to protect their passwords at all times, and to ensure that they are logged out of the Portal after each visit.

 Code of Conduct

When using the Portal services, Users are required at all times to:

  • Abide by the ToS and other conditions of the Portal
  • Respect the rights of other Users
  • Avoid the commission of prohibited acts
  • Report any violations, apparently intended or otherwise, to Portal administrators
  • Report any erroneous, ambiguous, anomalous, encroaching content sited on any page in the Portal, to Portal administrators.

Prohibited Acts

The Portal will ban Users who:

  • Use the Portal as a vehicle to conduct illicit financial activity, including—but not limited to—laundering monies earned from committing fraud or transnational organized crime
  • Submit content that is criminal, unlawful, threatening, offensive, obscene, defamatory, perjurious, false, deceptive, and/or damaging in any way to the Portal, any one of its Users, or other natural and legal persons
  • Infringe on the intellectual property rights of the Portal, any one of its Users, or other natural and legal persons
  • Post unsolicited, unauthorized advertisement and/or spammy material anywhere in the Portal
  • Urge other Users to close deals on the investment opportunities outside of the Portal.

Violation of This ToS

The Portal reserves the right to choose how to handle violations of any provision in this ToS. Criminal acts will be prosecuted in a court of law within the UAE or, where applicable, in an appropriate legal venue in the violating User’s country of origin or citizenship, or known country of residence.


Users shall indemnify and completely free Humming Crowd Realty from liability, for any damages arising from their own misuse or abuse of the Portal.

Limitation of Liability

In no event shall Humming Crowd Realty, its directors and staff, partners and affiliates, agents and outsourced contractors, be held legally liable for:

  • Lost profits, data, overhead, or other articles tied to their placements, incurred for any reason whatsoever
  • Damages in excess of One Hundred UAE Dirhams (AED100), sustained while using the Portal.

Amendments to this ToS

Changes to any or all other provisions of the ToS may be made from time to time, in the general interest of the Users or as market conditions require. Amendments will be time-stamped and posted immediately for public viewing and appreciation.