Equity investments

In real estate, equity investments pertain to properties that are to be sold or leased when completed. These encompass cash-flow investments, which relate to regular income and sustainable returns derived from renting out properties.

The general term, equity investments, enables investors to be—technically speaking—part-owners of properties. These assets can be residential, commercial, industrial, or recreational properties. In some cases, these are transportation hubs (like airport terminals and train stations) and infrastructural projects like bridges, roads, railways, dams, water supply systems, power lines and grids, and telecommunication towers.

The application of equity investments in real estate crowdfunding is scaled down to more affordable levels. Where in the traditional sense, equity-investing is closed off to a small set of big-time investors, the technology-aided system opens out to average people who are willing to participate even in minimal amounts.

In the HBR portfolio, equity-investment opportunities make up the majority, vis-à-vis loan investments. There is no set number for properties aimed at being wholly unloaded, or for those geared towards generating regular income streams. This is as long as project operators, including government-owned corporations, meet the quality, ethical, and viability standards that will ultimately satisfy investors and other stakeholders.

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